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​****The following steps are important in order to ensure a successful rental when it comes to a federal, state or city-owned park or venue! Failure to complete the required steps can result in denial of service for your rental, and if the service is accommodated, may result in additional fees. Every park or venue is different. Please contact the location ahead of time to avoid any hassles or complication with your rental. our goal is to keep you smiling and your event a happy one!****
​1. Contact Hop Skip & Jump Entertainment to reserve your inflatable rental equipment! Let us know which venue you intend to have your party at and reserve your rental equipment. 

2. Contact the park where you intend to have your party. It is your responsibility to find out whether the park requires a permit. If so, you will be responsible for any fees associated with obtaining the permit, and also a insurance document addition fee (if applicable) will apply.

3. Ask the park the following questions:

                    a. Do they require an inflatable moonbounce permit?

                   b. Do they have an adequate power source? Hop Skip & Jump Entertainment requires one dedicated circuit outlet per inflatable blower. We do offer generator rentals for parks without a power source for an additional charge.

                   c. Do they have an adequate water source for water slides? Hop Skip & Jump Entertainment requires one hose spigot and a corresponding garden hose per water ride. If one is provided, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide a water hose for the spigot. Hop Skip & Jump can provide one for an additional charge.

4. Reserve the venue and pay all associated fees. If reserving space/room at an indoor recreation center be sure to request either the Gym or the largest room for the moon bounce set up area. 

5. Call Hop Skip & Jump Entertainment back to give us the Park/Recreation center information so we can complete the mandatory liability insurance certificate on your behalf (*A liability insurance fee will apply). Forward a copy of the completed liability insurance certificate to the venue at least 1 week prior to your event.

6. Arrive at the venue at least one (1) hour prior to your event start time to show Hop Skip & Jump Entertainment where to set up. Bring a hard copy of the insurance certificate with you the day of your event to present to the venue officials if asked. 

7. Stay at the park until party rental equipment is picked up by a Hop Skip & Jump Entertainment employee or representative.